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Troubleshooting tips

We have collected answers to a few frequently asked questions below.

What should I do if I lost my wallet, and/or personal documents?


In case you have lost your important personal documents, the process of replacing them can be time-consuming and expensive.


First of all, you should make sure that you have checked everywhere it could possibly be. This means:


  • Contacting the venue or location you were at when you last had it.
  • If you lost your personal documents on some form of public transportation, contact the DKV customer service directly.
  • If you don't know where you left the documents, you should ask at the town hall to see if someone handed them over to the lost&found department.
    • Adress: DMJV Mayor's Office (New Town Hall 4026 Debrecen, Kálvin tér 11.) Administration Department Customer Service ground floor at window 14
    • Phone: 52/ 517-619
  • Contact the local police station as the documents may have been turned in to them.
    • Adress: 4024 Debrecen, Budai Ézsaiás u. 4.
    • Phone: 52/516-400


Hopefully these attempts will lead to positive results, but in the worst case we have to arrange for the replacement of your lost documents.


  • If your Bank/Credit Card was in your wallet, it must be cancelled as soon as possible. To cancel it, you should call your bank's 24/7 helpdesk staff or if your bank has this option, you may cancel it yourself online, via your internet banking service.
  • If you have lost your Student Card, you have to apply for a new one at the City Hall. Let the Education Office know when you submit your Student Card Inquiry Sheet that it is not your first Student Card application.
  • In case you have lost your student residence permit, you have to report the loss to the police as soon as possible. Then, make an appointment at the Immigration Office (4033 Debrecen, Sámsoni út 145) to get a new card. You will find the application form HERE to replace a lost permit.
  • If you have lost your passport, please contact your home country’s embassy in Hungary. You can see HERE where to find it. Please note, that for certain countries, there is no local embassy in Hungary, so one of the neighboring countries provides services for people residing in Hungary. (i.e.: Austria, Slovakia, etc.)


Please note


Keep your documents in a safe place (preferably, not all documents in one place). For example, your TAJ card is definitely safer at home than in your wallet. You will need to use it for doctor’s visits only.


Usually it is enough to keep a photocopy of these documents (i.e.: passport, TAJ card) with you and use the actual document only when it is necessary (such as international travel).



How can I connect to Wi-Fi in the university area?


Eduroam is the wireless network system of the University of Debrecen. It allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions by simply opening their laptop.


You can use your eduID to connect to the worldwide eduroam wifi network.  In order to log in you must specify your eduID with a suffix which binds you to the University of Debrecen (i.e. if your eduID is john.doe then you will log in as (which looks like an email address, but it is not)).


You can find detailed information about the system settings here.



When and where can I get my UniPass card?


Card application is possible for every student of the University of Debrecen. Cards are produced every second week. After you have uploaded an acceptable ID photo it will be ready in two weeks.


You can pick up your card at that Student Service Center (in Hungarian HAK) office which is the closest to your faculty. If you have more questions about the card please visit this website.



How can I open a bank account?


All the major banks of Hungary have branches in Debrecen. Different banks offer different benefits and services to international students so it is advisable to check your options before making a choice. Most students open a current account which provides a visa debit card, which can be used to make payment in shops and online as well as take money from cash points (ATMs) up to a daily maximum limit, and is usually combined with an online banking service.


You may need to book an appointment to make your application depending on how busy the bank is at the time you visit. This is particularly likely at the beginning of the academic year. You can find a guidance to book an appointment here.


You can find further information on opening a bank account here.



How can I renew my residence permit?


You need to submit your request online at the Enter Hungary platform because application for extension of a residence permit can only be submitted electronically at latest 30 days prior to the expiration of the right of residence. Please note, that for you to get the permit extension, you had to spend more than 90 days in Hungary in the 180 days prior to the application!

When you apply for the extension of a residence permit, you need to present a valid passport (it must cover the period of authorized stay at most); the former residence card and former address card issued by the authority; and the same document as in the case of the first application. In case your address didn’t change, it is enough if you present the former address card and make a declaration that your accommodation did not change. Please note that the lease agreement must cover the period of your stay in Hungary at most. When you sign the lease agreement, please be thoughtful your contract shall be contained the opportunity for an extension.


Check the user giude here.



How can I extend my stay in Hungary after I graduate from the University of Debrecen?


You can find detailed information about the Residence Permit for Other Purposes here. Please check the mandatory enclosures.
If you need more information please contact the Immigration Office directly.

  • After your arrival you need to start registration within 3 days in case you would like to stay here more than 30 days.
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