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Private accommodation

Before you start searching for a flat and browsing sites, please read this useful guidance. Please let us know if you need any assistance, we are here to help you.

Need assistance with finding an apartment?


If you would like to find a suitable private accommodation and/or flatmate(s), please join our Flat(mate) search for UD students  Facebook group.


Please fill out the Accommodation Preference Form below to let us know your preferences and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Filling out out form DOES NOT guarantee a booking.

Please be informed that once we receive your preferences, they will be forwarded to our partners, who will try to help you find the best possible solution. 

Please enter valid contact details and check your messages frequently. Make sure that you reply to the messages of the real estate agencies. We can assist with renting in Debrecen only.


Please DO NOT submit the form multiple times.


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Important informations


Start searching for an apartment before your arrival, DO NOT leave it to the last minute. It is really difficult to find a place that suits your needs in just a few days.


When you find the appropriate flat you need to sign a lease contract with the owner, usually for a definite time, the minimum is one year. (In rare cases it is possible for a shorter period but it is always up to the owner).

Before moving in, you also need pay a security deposit plus the rent for the first month. The amount of the security deposit is usually 2 months' rent fee. The goal of the security deposit is to cover any damages that might be caused during the lease. If there are no damages you will get back the full amount at the end of the lease contract. The conditions are included in your lease contract.

In general, flats are furnished and fully equipped. In case there are some items that you need, you can always discuss with the owner if it is possible to get them.

Be prepared that you need to buy your own bedclothes.

Bills are usually paid monthly by the owner. When they collect the rent, they show you the bills and you pay them with the rent, in general until the 10th of every month. This, of course, depends on your agreement with the owner.

Please make sure that you read the contract carefully before you sign it, everything that you and the owner agreed on need to be included in your contract. Do not be afraid to ask if something is not clear. Whenever you notice an issue at the apartment (something needs to be fixed, something was damaged by accident, etc.), always notify the owner as soon as possible.



Rent fees


You can always see in ads that the apartment costs: … HUF rent fee + overheads or utilities. It means that in addition to the rent fee, you also need to pay the utilities every month. Before starting your search, make a realistic estimate of what you are prepared to pay.

The rent fees of the apartments are determined mostly by their location.

If it is closer to the university or one of the tram lines, the rent fee is generally more expensive. The apartments closest to the university and the ones in the newest buildings are generally the most expensive.


The rental prices are starting from:

  • below 160 000 HUF for a room
  • 160 000 - 200 000 HUF for a studio apartment
  • 200 000 - 300 000 HUF for a living room + one-bedroom apartment
  • 300 000 HUF and above for a living room + two-bedroom apartment


Please be prepared that if your budget is below 160 000 HUF monthly, you need to find a flatmate to share costs. 


Utility fees


The overheads or utilities cover community fee, water consumption, electricity usage and heating, network services. You can always ask the owner what utility costs you can expect monthly.

  • After your arrival you need to start registration within 3 days in case you would like to stay here more than 30 days.
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